We are in your neighborhood!

Your neighbors have entrusted us to do the backflow testing on their sprinkler systems. You may have received a notice from the city that your device is due for testing as well.

Backflow devices protect the public water supply from contamination. A backflow device on your sprinkler system prevents the reverse flow of contaminated water from the sprinklers back into the city water supply. Lawns and landscapes contain fertilizers, chemicals, bacteria, dirt, fungus, and other hazards. These hazards can contaminate your drinking water if not properly protected and cause serious health risks to the public.

The EPA requires backflow devices. Your municipality requires annual testing to ensure devices continue to work properly.

Backflow device PVB


$148.50 New Customer Rate, One Device
(Regular Rate $165.00)

$125.00 Each Additional Device

You will receive a copy of your test for your records,
the municipality receives a copy as required,
and C & R Plumbing keeps a copy on file.

Appointments available Monday thru Friday


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